Josh Goot

Fashion Designer

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From start-up designer to international star, find out how technology plays a vital role in Josh’s life here

Budgets, systems, timelines – are all words I used to fear, but Windows 8 makes it easy to manage my business.

No one has the same style. Windows 8 is fully customisable. Find out more here

It’s not just about fashion - it’s a business. It has to be about balance and good internal procedures. For me, Windows 8 is the perfect mix of work and play.
The marriage of creative and commercial is our business challenge. Your team and your tools are the best assets that you can have.

Fashion to finance, HP Envy X2 is your PC. Find out more here.

I am proud to be part of the Australia fashion industry - we are an ever increasing army made up of the most diverse and unique talents in the world.